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Robert Kaufman

Durango Flannel - Crimson

100% Premium cotton

44" wide

Weight: 8.55 oz. per square yard

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Customer Reviews

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Great for patching

I got a skinny quarter of this thinking it might be good for handkerchiefs. It's a bit too thick and stiff for that, but great for visible mending. I covered a hole in my jeans with a patch made from this flannel. It did pill a bit on the wash so far but only because I tumble dry my jeans.

Very nice cotton flannel but swerves a bit

The fabric is very thick and warm -- much loftier than your average pyjama flannel. It is super soft on both sides. The colours are nice and vivid. I washed it before cutting into it and it looked just as beautiful after drying as it did before.

I just finished making a nightgown/lounging dress with it which I love. It's really cosy because it is so warm and soft, yet structured because of the thickness of the fabric and of the construction details. It was nice to work with. It frays extremely easily though, so it's really important to finish the seams well. I went ahead with the French seams my pattern called for. I think it was a good decision because of the fraying. It was a charm to sew in spite of the additional bulk that the French seams and all the topstitching created. I finished the neckline and the cuffs with bands of soft cotton ribbing, which saved me a lot of work with button plackets and all.

Only one caveat: the warp and the weft were not perpendicular to one another. The fabric slants on the diagonal a little bit, which skews the plaid design. I kind of had to tug at it to try and straighten it out some before cutting. On the finished nightgown, I can still see that the fabric has a tendency to swerve, but only because I know about it. I don't think anyone would notice. And I am hoping that after a few washes the fibres will relax some and the whole thing is going to straighten out due to the sheer weight of the fabric itself when it is suspended on a clothes hanger or on my body.

I must say that I imagine a lot of people would not like a nightgown made out of this fabric because of the thickness of it. It would make a great bathrobe or something like that. Or an overshirt. Probably not a kid's pyjama though, I think it would be too stiff for that.

this look so cozy & warm!

Laura Jull

Great fabric, super thick and great quality. Colours are true to the photos online. Can't wait to use this!