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Shannon Fabrics

Faux Fur Square

This luxurious and super soft high quality faux fur fabric has a lustrous pile. Perfect Pom Pom Making Fur!! 

5" x 5" Square 


Arctic Fox Fur Black Pile: 95mm

Canadian Fox Fur Stone Pile: 45/65mm

Arctic Fox Fur Stone Pile: 45/65mm

Wolf Fur Caramel/Chocolate Pile: 45/65mm

Wolf Fur Brown/Black Pile: 45/65mm

Mountain Coyote Fur Brown 65/90mm

Desert Fox Fur Gold Pile 45/65mm

Desert Fox Fur Grey Pile 55/85mm

Candy Shag Hot Pink Pile 45mm 

Norwegian Husky Fur White/Black Pile: 45/75mm 

Candy Shag Baby Pink Fur Pile: 45mm

Candy Shag Grey Fur Pile: 45mm

Candy Shag Black Fur Pile: 45mm

Cotton Candy Fur Pile: 65mm

Galaxy Fur Pile:65mm

Norwegian Husky fur Jade Pile: 45/75mm

Arctic Fox Fur White Pile: 95mm

Desert Wolf Fur Honey Pile: 55/85mm

Golden Wolf Fur Gold/Brown Pile:45/55mm 

Monster Fur White Pile: 100 mm

Monster Fur Amber Pile: 100 mm

Husky Fur White/Black Pile: 45/65mm

Dire Wolf Fur Taupe/Grey Pile: 65mm

Shag Fur Maroon Pile: 65mm 


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Customer Reviews

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Faux fur

These pieces of faux fur were exactly what we needed for a crafting project! The smaller pieces are great, with little waste!

Fur squares

Loved it! Very nice fur, happy to be able to order samples before ordering a bigger amount, will definitely be ordering more