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Faux Fur Square

This luxurious and super soft high quality faux fur fabric has a lustrous pile. Perfect Pom Pom Making Fur!! 

5" x 5" Square 


Arctic Fox Fur Black Pile: 95mm

Canadian Fox Fur Stone Pile: 45/65mm

Arctic Fox Fur Stone Pile: 45/65mm

Wolf Fur Caramel/Chocolate Pile: 45/65mm

Wolf Fur Brown/Black Pile: 45/65mm

Mountain Coyote Fur Brown 65/90mm

Desert Fox Fur Gold Pile 45/65mm

Desert Fox Fur Grey Pile 55/85mm

Candy Shag Hot Pink Pile 45mm 

Norwegian Husky Fur White/Black Pile: 45/75mm 

Candy Shag Baby Pink Fur Pile: 45mm

Candy Shag Grey Fur Pile: 45mm

Candy Shag Black Fur Pile: 45mm

Cotton Candy Fur Pile: 65mm

Galaxy Fur Pile:65mm

Norwegian Husky fur Jade Pile: 45/75mm

Arctic Fox Fur White Pile: 95mm

Desert Wolf Fur Honey Pile: 55/85mm

Golden Wolf Fur Gold/Brown Pile:45/55mm 

Monster Fur White Pile: 100 mm

Monster Fur Amber Pile: 100 mm

Husky Fur White/Black Pile: 45/65mm

Dire Wolf Fur Taupe/Grey Pile: 65mm

Shag Fur Maroon Pile: 65mm 

Apollo Wolf Fur Pile: 3"

Arctic Husky Fur Blonde Pile: 2.5"

Arctic Husky Fur Grey Pile: 2.5"

Arctic Husky Fur White Pile: 2.5"

Siberian Husky Fur Black/Grey Pile: 2"


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great faux fur squares

Squares of faux fur were the perfect size for making generous poms for my knitted hats. Will order again when more colours are available!

Chris Fallen
Black shaggy fur

Worked really well for Pom making. The best service. This is my go to shop for faux fur

Brenda Devins
Faux fur

These pieces of faux fur were exactly what we needed for a crafting project! The smaller pieces are great, with little waste!

Melanie Charron
Fur squares

Loved it! Very nice fur, happy to be able to order samples before ordering a bigger amount, will definitely be ordering more