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Wild Forgotten - Prints Bundle

Several words from the natural world like “doe” & “dandelion” were removed from the dictionary to make room for our children’s new vocabulary. Through earthy colors and whimsical prints, this collection will reignite the use of these words in our home and help our children remember the wild once forgotten.

100% Premium Cotton
16 Pieces
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Customer Reviews

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Haley Hiebert
Top Quality Fabric

Working with this quilting cotton is a dream! It's soft, buttery and the colors are beyond beauty. I'm making a king size 'Holiday Party Quilt' and the colors of the 'Wild Forgotten' collection have a soft organic dreamy appeal..
I love ordering my fabric from Thread Count Fabric, they carry the best quality and selection of quilting cottons.

Maureen H
Like silk!

Thread Count fabric is exceptional quality. Such fine finish, delightful colours, and packaged with thought and care. I haven't done more than hold yet (new year project), but i have certainly shared with several friends who appreciate fabric. Even some who didn't, but they also recognized quality.
Thanks for being a source to count on!