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Pure Solids and Aurifil : A Perfect Match

June 21, 2022

Pure Solids and Aurifil : A Perfect Match

If you’ve ever visited us in person, you’ll know we pack an awful lot of products into a very tiny space! While we would love to carry some of everything (and may expand our offerings in the future), we’ve had to pick and choose, and we’ve chosen to carry Art Gallery Fabrics’ Pure Solids and Aurifil thread.

Here’s why.


AGF Pure Solids

Art Gallery Fabrics is a relatively young company that has worked very hard to differentiate themselves by the quality of their fabrics. The Pure Solids (and all their quilting cottons) have a thread count of 205, compared with an industry standard of 160. The cotton they use is mercerized, which leaves the fabric resistant to fading or fraying, and gives it a subtle sheen as well. All of these factors contribute to the hand of the fabric, comparable to cotton lawn.

Pure Solids work great for quilting and can be used for apparel projects as well, although lighter colours do tend to be more sheer, if this is a consideration for your project.


Aurifil Thread

Aurifil thread, which is 100% Egyptian Mako cotton, is also mercerized to increase the strength of the thread and reduce breakage and lint. This superior quality makes it resistant to breakage and sewing machine carnage.

Aurifil comes in multiple weights to select from based on your project. The higher the weight, the thinner the thread will be. At TCF we currently carry 50, 40 and 12 weight Aurifil, and if anyone can find us a bigger space we will gladly start carrying 28 wt as well. Anyone??

Here is a brief breakdown of the uses for each weight:

-50 wt: Most common all-purpose thread. Use it for hand or machine piecing or (subtle) quilting, basting, apparel projects, applique and more.

-40 wt: Slightly thicker than 50 wt. Use it for all the same applications as 50 wt, if you feel you need slightly stronger seams (apparel, bags, dolls, etc.) or if you would like your quilting or top stitches to be more defined.

-12 wt: The thickest Aurifil thread, perfect for hand quilting and applique, cross stitch, embroidery, or wherever you would like a nice defined stitch.

Both Pure Solids and Aurifil are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they are free of harmful chemicals.

In an effort to make it easy for you to plan your next project, we have assigned a coordinating Aurifil thread to each of the 150 Pure Solids colours. You can find this information in each of our Pure Solids product descriptions, and you can click a link to take you to the exact thread colour you need. Easy!

If you are looking for a thread suggestion or coordinating solid to match any of our other fabrics, we’re just an email away and would be happy to help!

Happy sewing!

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