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Spray Misting Bottle

Sometimes you need a little spritz and sometimes you want a powerful mist. Most of our products come with a traditional trigger that you squeeze a few times to release the product. With the Continuous Spray Bottle just hold down the trigger and the product is released in a fine mist for as long as you hold the trigger. It's a great solution for spraying a large amount of product over a large area. The continuous spray bottle can hold 10oz of your favorite product.
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Customer Reviews

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Louise F.
Great Misting Bottle

It’s a great bottle that sprays a fine mist on fabrics when ironing out “wrinkles” etc…It is easy to manipulate the mechanism to spray. A good investment indeed!!

Jessica Walker
Even spray

Love this bottle - nice even spray for pressing!

Melanie B
The best kind for ironing

I love these misting bottles, since the mist is fine, spreads nicely without blobs and finally, no dripping!! They are worth every cent!.I was so tired of regular spray bottles that left mean and my ironing area wet. The fine mist "dries" nicely when you press over it. I transferred my Best Press into one of the bottles. I didn't even bother to use the triggers that came with the BP.
This is a must-have for anyone who needs to iron.

Worth it!

I was skeptical but decided to order it anyway —I’ll try anything to keep my hands happy. It’s great! Gives a decently long (duration) and fine misting. The handle is reasonably comfortable to use, and there’s no excessive pumping or squeezing required. It seems like magic. I really recommend it!